Spawned from a conversation on the Ronnie James Dio Forum, a recording project like no
other was born. Bringing Classic Metal into the twenty first century, a group of talented
musicians embarked on a mission to record what will be the first of many songs. This project
however has a twist. Most recording projects usually start with a band whos members have
played together for a while eventually writing songs and going into a studio to record those
songs. Often studio musicians who do not know the band can be hired to come in and help in
the recording process. This project is unlike either of those scenarios. The members of
Nevermet are exactly what the name implies. The members have only talked online. In fact  
Guitarist Jonathan Crosby  lives in Oregon, Vocalist Al Diamond Phillips, originally from
Detroit, lives in Cleveland Ohio, and Bassist David Raymer, originally from California, now lives
in Holland. The Band has also featured Drummers Travis Dollarhide from Oregon, Ian
Donnelly from Michigan, and is currently working with Scott Connor from California, who is also
the Drummer for the band YOSO (supergroup with members of Yes and Toto). The group set
out to do something that seemed impossible, write and record music without ever playing
together, and only knowing each other by their screen names used on the Dio forum. Alitivity,
GuitarGod, and D-Man did just that all while keeping members of the forum posted through a
thread called
long distance recording documenting every little detail of the recording process..
Each audio track was sent via email and mixed in two separate locations, hoping for the best
mix   The end result produced the song Run Away and more are on the way. The group even
included the forum members in on the name for the project. In another thread members were
allowed to vote on several name ideas, with Nevermet coming out on top. The impact of the
project is already being felt, on Monday June 25, 2007 a small radio station, 101. in Pendalton
Oregon started playing the song Run Away in an unfinished format. DJ Chris Gardener has
said that he will continue to play the song as well as pass it on to other larger stations in
Washington State. The Band is currently working on a full package release, hopefully out in
early 2012
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